Bobby Ryan’s ILL – Snow

Bobby Ryan’s ILL – Snow

ILL-SNOW is a character study that follows several immoral immortals after a cataclysmic event swallows the sun. The dead walk, the wicked wilderness wants to eat you, and the world has been thrown into a never ending nuclear winter. And if that’s not bad enough, things take a turn for the worst when one of these unlucky bastards unleashes a forbidden technology that allows him to kill again. Now a ragtag bunch of misfits must band together and save whats left of humanity. But there’s one problem. They have to survive each other first.
CHALKBoard Entertainment is an internet-based entertainment production company. Founded by Bobby Ryan, CHALKBoardENT is a team of content creators dedicated to bringing you the very best Post-Apocalyptic Noir Thrillers.
Burn 001: “Wicked Cool”
The sun is gone. The dead walk. The forest wants your blood. You are alone. Hunted by the infamous She-Wolf. Good luck.
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Written By – Bobby Ryan
Scott Ryan – Bobby Ryan
She-Wolf – Elle Boone
Red-Head – Elle Boone
Voice Direction – Michael Schwalbe
Art Direction – Bronson Gary
Animation – Adam Brown
Colorist – Harry Saxon
Sound Design – Bobby Ryan
Letterer – Jon Mitchell
Music – Jayce Clemons
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